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Bird Watching

Komati Springs offers an extensive array of bird life of over 200 species, including the rare Southern Bald Ibis. The terrein has a variety of Acacia woodlands, grasslands, hills, a cliff, riverines and a dam. We are surrounded by Nkomazi Big 5 Game Reserve, so peace and tranquility surrounds us, with no traffic or other noise discernible. Day visitors and overnight campers are most welcome. As the Bald Ibis wander off at dawn and only return at dusk, we would strongly suggest staying overnight.

Below is a list of birds spotted on the property. The list is incomplete, and any new sightings will be added if you send me an email.

African (Blue-billed) Firefinch
African Black Duck
African Dusky Flycatcher
African Fish Eagle
African Hoopoe
African Paradise Flycatcher
African Stonechat
Amethyst Sunbird
Ant-eating Chat
Bar-throated Apalis
Bearded Woodpecker
Black Crake
Black-backed Puffback
Black-collared Barbet
Black-headed Heron
Black-headed Oriole
Black-shouldered Kite
Blue Waxbill
Bronze Mannikin
Brown-crowned Tchagra
Brown-hooded Kingfisher
Burchell's Coucal
Cape Batis
Cape Eagle Owl
Cape Longclaw
Cape Robin-Chat
Cape Turtle Dove
Cape Wagtail
Cape Weaver
Cape White-eye
Chinspot Batis
Cinnamon-breasted Bunting
Common (Greater) Scimitarbill
Common Buttonquail
Common Fiscal
Common Moorhen
Common Waxbill
Coqui Francolin
Crested Barbet
Crested Francolin
Croaking Cisticola
Crowned Lapwing (Plover)
Dark Chanting Goshawk
Dark-capped (Black-eyed) Bulbul
Dideric Cuckoo
Egyptian Goose
Emerald-spotted Wood Dove
European Bee-eater
European Nightjar
Fairy Flycatcher
Familiar Chat
Fan-tailed Widowbird
Fiery-necked Nightjar
Fiscal Flycatcher
Fork-tailed Drongo
Freckled Nightjar
Giant Kingfisher
Glossy Ibis
Golden-breasted Bunting
Golden-tailed Woodpecker
Goliath Heron
Greater Striped Swallow
Grey Heron
Groundscraper Thrush
Hadeda Ibis
Helmeted Guineafowl
House Sparrow
Icterine Warbler
Jackal Buzzard
Kori Bustard
Kurrichane Thrush
Lazy Cisticola
Lesser Striped Swallow
Little Bee-eater
Little Egret
Magpie Shrike
Mocking Cliff Chat
Namaqua Dove
Natal Spurfowl
Olive Thrush
Pale Chanting Goshawk
Pied Kingfisher
Pied Starling
Pin-tailed Whydah
Purple-crested Turaco
Red-billed Oxpecker
Red-Capped Robin-Chat
Red-chested Cuckoo
Red-collared Widowbird
Red-knobbed Coot
Red-throated Wryneck
Red-winged Starling
Reed Cormorant
Rufous-cheeked Nightjar
Scarlet-chested Sunbird
Shelley's Francolin
Southern Bald Ibis
Southern Boubou
Southern Double-collared Sunbird
Southern Red Bishop
Speckled Mousebird
Speckled Pigeon
Spectacled Weaver
Spotted Eagle Owl
Spotted Thick-knee
Spur-winged Goose
Square-tailed Drongo
Striped Pipit
Tambourine Dove
Tawny-Flanked Prinia
Thick-billed Weaver
Western Barn Owl
White-bellied Sunbird
White-browed Scrub Robin
White-fronted Bee-eater
White-necked Raven
White-throated Robin-Chat
Willow Warbler
Yellow-breasted Apalis
Yellow-fronted Canary