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Komati Springs offers a unique inland dive site open and accessible for diving all year round. It was once a mine which was active until 1972. When mining wasn't feasible anymore, it was closed down and the water pumping out of the hole was ceased. Natural groundwater filled it up, thus creating the dive site.

The site underwent a big rehabilitation in 2002, which removed all signs of mining and made it a pristine site. The mining process left a large hole and a joining cave system, giving excellent conditions for all forms of diving. In the open water it reaches 55 meters and the caves have been explored to 186 meters.

The surface area of the open hole is approximately 110meters long and 50 meters wide. The cave system is much larger, and with 8 interconnecting levels it is an explorers dream! This attracts technical divers from all over the world.

There are training grids at 5, 9 and 30 meters, as well as anchored buoy lines. The underwater cliffs are ideal for multi level diving. In summer the water is reaches 24oC on the surface, and 20oC at about 30meters. On the bottom it is 16oC. Visibility is about 10 to 15meters. In winter the temperature is a constant 16 to 17oC from top to bottom.The visibility can be up to 40meters.
There are stairways at the water's edge. Altitude at the site is 915 meters above sea level.

The dive centre has qualified First Aid Instructors who are well versed in decompression illness. Signs with emergency contact details are posted in case of any problems. There is Oxygen, Oxygen Administration sets and stretchers at the dive centre. 

Don Shirley about to descend
dive4.jpg (151860 bytes) The dive grids
Andre and Don Shirley in cave shaft