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Emergency Plans

For the budding Divemaster and anyone else
First port of call is to contact dive centre as they know how to coordinate any emergency.
There are DAN boards up with emergency details on them.

We have available:
Medical oxygen, regulators and masks
First Aid
Trained First Aid and Oxygen Provider staff

Komati Springs:
Telephone 082 650 2294 or 79
Address: Komati Springs, Road R38, Badplaas, 1190

Komati Springs Turn S25 51.954 E30 40.078
Komati Springs Dive Centre S25 55.757 E30 42.615

Emergency number -0800 020 111

Nearest Hospitals:

Mediclinic Nelspruit
- 013 759 0500
1 Louis Str, Sonheuwel, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, 1200
GPS - 255 29' 36.42'' S    30 57' 45.0'' E

Life Midmed Hospital

Telephone - 013 283 8700
Cnr O.R. Tambo & Joubert Street, Middelburg, Mpumalanga

Nearest Chambers:
Johannesburg or Pretoria
Contact DAN to coordinate chamber use, as they know which chambers are in use and manned at the time of incident.

Vodacom has the best signal on site. There are also Vodacom signal
strengthners at the dive centre.
Andre and Don have dealt with numerous decompression and other 
incidences, so get them involved as soon as possible.