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A few things to be aware of

Booking is essential otherwise the guards will not let you through.
We need a complete list of customers in order to traverse the game reserve  – you will need to sign in at Gate 2 and they won’t let you in if your name is not on the list:
•    Name, Surname
•    Entry date
•    Entry time
Note that gates close at 21h00.

Please contact Andre at info@komatisprings.com to check availabilty of the site. 

Traversing across the game reserve
ase note there are lions, elephants and more that roam freely all around the outside of our perimeter fenceline. Be careful at gate 3 as the lions are on the lookout for an easy snack.

We have bins for recycling tins, plastic, glass (and batteries at fill station). Please help us preserve this pristine environment by using the bins appropriately. Cigarette butts, cable tie ends, duct tape is also rubbish to go in appropriate bins.
Black bin contents get burned – don’t throw anything combustible in them as it scares staff when they explode.
Coloured bin contents get taken to Nelspruit – if not sorted properly, we go through your rubbish and grade you on the contents.
Divers on rebreathers - there are bins at the fill station for used sorb.


This is a no-noise zone. Please refrain from making loud noises at all times.
As the wild animals get scared off by motorcycles and quad bikes, we regret that none will be allowed on road to site or on site.


Plants and Animals have first right to go peacefully about their day - even snakes and spiders. Sissies can call André and she will remove them for you.
Treat nature with respect and don’t cause any harm.

There are free roaming horses, donkeys and vervet monkeys on site. Please secure your food otherwise you will starve.
Please refrain from feeding animals – domestic or wild.
Please keep perimeter gates shut - remember the previously mentioned lions and their preference to easy snacking.
Fallen trees are habitats for small creatures and cannot be used as firewood.
Please bring your own. We also have cut down invader trees you can use – speak to us and we will point you to them.
No fishing or hunting or death or destruction.


There is one road only that has a no-entry sign – it is strictly private. Please do not enter the area by vehicle, bicycle or foot.
Please keep to existing roads with vehicles.
There are designated spots for fireplaces – please use those only.
The guards on site are here to check the perimeter fence for breaks and to keep lions out. Hence lions lie in wait at gate 3 for you ;-)   
Drones are not allowed.
We are trying to make new shade by pampering small trees hidden in the grass. Stick to the roads and do not take shortcuts over grass – even if you do want to show off your 4 x 4 to the new girlfriend.


Altitude is 915m above sea level – please make sure you adjust your dive planning accordingly.
Divers must adhere to the relevant “Safe Diving Practices” as specified by their training agency. 
Diving qualification and logbooks must be available, as you may be asked to produce them on site or even before arrival.

Do not dive where you are not qualified to go.
No private compressors, pumps or mixing allowed.
If you see stage cylinders anywhere in the water, leave them there.  

Please leave platforms, underwater ropes and lines intact.
Do not run or shout on site, as this could be misinterpreted as an emergency.
We have a site stamp for logbook enthusiasts.

Dive or other Emergency Procedures:

Contact the dive centre. We will call DAN as necessary.
We have GPS co-ordinates, Oxygen, Spine Boards and First Aid.
Any oxygen and/or oxygen mask used for emergency is payable per litre/mask – as per pricing at fill station.


Please settle accounts before departure. In some instances, full payment to be transferred and cleared in our bank befor entry will be allowed.
Payments can be made by cash, electronically (before departure), or Visa/Master Card. (Surcharge of 5% on cards).  

Have as much fun as possible!

The owners may from time to time modify the above rules.

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