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Komati Springs used to be a mine prior to 1972. When mining because unfeasible, equipment was pulled out, and they ceased pumping out water. The groundwater rose back naturally, thus providing a dive site of note. There is a fully equipped dive centre on site, which provides triple filtered gas - including air, nitrox, helium and argon. For more on the diving aspect, please visit our diving section.

In 2002, the site was rehabilitated back to nature, and one would never say it was a mining site in the past. The site is surrounded by a game reserve, so hearing Jackal and Lions in the night is very common. You might also bump into Wildebees, Giraffe, Eland, Impala, Duikertjies or Koedoe. For birdwatchers we have over 250 species, including the rare Bald Ibis, so bring the binoculars, bird books and cameras. Camping in this natural environment is a sure way of getting rid of any city stress.

The area is surrounded by the oldest mountains on the planet dating back to 3.4 billion years. This is a Greenstone Belt area, and these are zones of rocks left over from the original portion of the Earth. It is the oldest well-preserved real estate on Earth. Dotted throughout the area you can also see Komatiites - outcrops consisting of the hottest rocks ever to erupt on the planet. They are named after the Komati River, which in turn carved out the Great Nkomati River Valley. The surrounding grasslands represent the most threatened biome on Earth.

All this lies in the future Barberton Makhonjwa Mountainlands World Heritage Site.

We Are Fully Eco Friendly

If you squander the power, it will run out and you will be left in the dark until the sun shines again. Your camp buddies will not be pleased with you.

So please:

  • Bring solar fairy lights instead of spotlights. They are more in tune with nature and your fellow campers will appreciate not having Joburg anti-criminal lights follow them.
  • Switch off lights and phones (horror) when not in use.
  • Bring pre-frozen foods for your braai that can thaw in a cooler box and at the same time keep your beer cold.
  • If you insist on bringing a camp fridge, then a) be prepared for no power situation, and b) please pre-freeze it at coldest setting at home to avoid point a above. And no, a fan-driven cooler box is not power friendly. Do not plug in.
  • Switch off lights and phones (horror) when not in use.
  • Unplug vampire energy suckers that are on standby as they also take power.
  • Charge cave lights and phones while the sun is shining.
  • Bring your fully charged power bank for personal usage.
  • Leave microwaves at home not good for you anyway!
  • Bring a Cadac and a stove-top kettle leave the electric kettle at home.
  • Camper vans and caravans do not plug in!

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